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Tesco – Product Catalogue

Design and production of B2C catalogues

“Karta drinków i alkoholi” is a B2C product flyer that we produce for Tesco. We’re responsible for all the stages of production – from the first concept to preparation and printing.

The element that differentiates the publication from others is the original product photography with the alcohols available at Tesco, which we create for each issue. Every edition features the most interesting alcohol offers and new arrivals, and is created together with Tesco’s sales specialists. Apart from the entertainment, informative and sales value, “Karta drinków i alkoholi” also serves an educational purpose.

“Karta drinków i alkoholi” is a clear guide to the complex world of drinks, tastes and aromas. It is a valuable source of knowledge about alcohols for the clients of Tesco, and a huge convenience in finding the best offers.