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Skivak implements publishing projects, creates vortals, condusts social media activities

Stokrotka – Website

Development and management of a blogging platform is a modern vortal, which is a part of the communication strategy that we employ for the Stokrotka chain of stores. The vortal is the online counterpart to the print version of the “Stokrotka Magazyn” B2C magazine. We developed the site with particular attention to users of mobile devices, both smartphones and tablets.

On the site, we publish content in five categories of topics: “Recipes,” “Fashion and Beauty,” “In Good Shape,” “Home and Family,” and “Tidbits.” Additionally, we organise contests and promotional campaigns featuring popular influencers. The readers of the vortal can also stay in touch with the brand thanks to regular newsletters.

The responsive website for the “Stokrotka Magazyn” magazine is a crucial element of its online communication, which strengthens the image of Stokrotka as a brand that is family-friendly and promotes a healthy lifestyle.