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Śnieżka Magnat, Vidaron – Video Testimonials

Scripting and production of promotional videos

In 2016, we created a video campaign titled “ABC remontu” for the FFiL Śnieżka brand. The production consists of 15 episodes that present home metamorphoses. The campaign involved numerous film sets with actors, renovation crews and an expert from Śnieżka. Additionally, the videos featured animations with voiceover.

Every episode of the “ABC remontu” series presents the story of a renovation of a selected flat. Each metamorphosis featured an expert from Śnieżka who advised which colours visually enlarge a room and how to arrange a space with the right choice of decorations.

The videos were published on the YouTube channels of the Śnieżka, Vidaron and Magnat brands. The premiere episode had 30,000 views and each subsequent one over 10,000.