Skivak Content Experience

Skivak implements publishing projects, creates vortals, condusts social media activities

Knauf – Blogging Platform

Creation and promotion of expert content, website optimisation

Knauf is a premium brand that produces innovative, high-quality construction, renovation and interior decoration products. In order to popularise and strengthen the presence of the Knauf brand, we carry out a comprehensive online communication strategy.

The online communication for the Knauf brand creates a space for interaction between the brand and the clients. We realise this goal through social media presence and the co-creation of a modern vortal. This helps us place the Knauf brand at the heart of an enthusiastic community of people interested in DIY projects and interior decoration. The professional, engaging and inspiring content that we publish on the “KnaufMag” website is co-created with experts, professionals and industry journalists.

The online communication strategy that we employ builds the image of the Knauf brand as an industry expert that advises and inspires. By combining various forms of content with professional topics, we popularise innovative renovation and home building solutions.