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Knauf – Fanpage and Twitter Account

Social media communication and promotion of content

The online communication strategy that we carry out for the Knauf brand combines a modern vortal with social media presence. On the official “KnaufMag” Instagram and Facebook profiles, we publish content that isn’t available anywhere else. In the everyday communication, we inform, educate and give advice in various forms of text, photo and video content.

Additionally, we encourage the fans to ask questions and engage in discussions about both renovations and Knauf’s products themselves. The execution of this project involves a constant cooperation with specialists, professionals and industry journalists. This allows us to share expert knowledge and supply the best solutions in the area of construction and renovation of homes and flats.

The “KnaufMag” social media profiles are a place that’s open for discussion. Our main goal is to inspire and educate readers about renovation and interior design. We also encourage them to make bold decorating decisions and choose the right products.