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Farmacol – Website

Creation and promotion of expert content, website optimisation

The portal is an online tool that complements the “Rodzina zdrowia” magazine. We produce both of them for Grupa Farmacol, the leader in selling pharmaceutical, medical and cosmetic products, as well as dietary supplements, on the Polish market. In the process of producing the portal, we’re responsible for the comprehensive preparation, optimisation and delivery of content.

The portal is a tool that supports the communication between the Farmacol brand and the clients of pharmacies all around Poland. The portal features content in the areas of health, beauty, family, diets and healthy lifestyle. We create the articles in cooperation with doctors, dieticians and psychologists.

The portal is a reliable source of information and advice on taking care of one’s health and healthy eating. Thanks to their variety, the articles reach a wide range of readers, and the topics are additionally optimised for online searches.