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DH Supersam – Shopping Centre Fanpage

Social media communication and promotion of content

Dom Handlowy Supersam is one of the largest and also one of the first shopping centres in Upper Silesia. As part of our cooperation, we’re responsible for the brand’s social media presence strategy and we carry out B2C communication in channels like Facebook and Instagram. We present products from the DH Supersam stores and we organise contests and promotional campaigns. Additionally, we moderate fan communication and manage crisis situations.

We realise the content plan for DH Supersam by creating original and varied forms of text, photo and video content (gif, cinemagraph, collage, etc.). Our activities support the brand’s strategy, which is based on information and inspiration – the two primary needs of DH Supersam’s clients.

The basis of communication between the DH Supersam brand and its clients, the citizens of Katowice, are social media channels. They build its image and provide information.